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Buying a replica soccer jersey from overseas is a risky proposition, at best. Given that many countries do not police their garment industries to prevent counterfeit operations, cheap soccer jerseys the biggest danger is the chance that the soccer jersey you ultimately receive may not be the genuine article.

Even if the soccer jersey you are considering purchasing proves to be genuine, there may be customs issues, monetary-exchange hassles and arbitrary soccer jerseys cheap shipping expenses that unduly ratchet up the cost of your purchase. Additionally, many overseas operations do not have guaranteed satisfaction promises or return policies ?so if your gear doesn't fit, or it's not what you had expected, you may be stuck with it no matter what.

Buying overseas can also mean a long wait for the delivery of your soccer jersey. cheap replica soccer jerseys Saving a few dollars by purchasing from a foreign retailer becomes less attractive when two months later the jersey still has not arrived.

Buying from an on-line soccer store makes checking for the fit of your replica soccer jersey prior to purchase difficult or impossible, so to avoid cheap usa soccer jerseys the hassle of having to send your product back to the retailer for exchange, carefully determine the size you think you need by factoring shrinkage rates into the equation, as well as cultural differences in overall sizing (A European "Large," for instance, is often closer to an American "Medium.")

While jerseys constructed of synthetic materials should not shrink when you run cheap soccer jerseys from china them through the wash, you can expect poly-cotton products to shrink from 3% to 4% and all-cotton products to shrink from 7% to 10% the first time they go through the washing process (Here, follow washing instructions faithfully!).

Soccer retailers often cheap authentic soccer jerseys help by providing sizing and conversion charts, but a simple rule-of-thumb is to buy a size up to allow for shrinkage and sizing differences, especially if you are shopping for soccer jerseys of European origin. If you are unsure, call the retailer in question for advice on what size to select, and by all means, look for a retailer's clearly stated satisfaction and exchange policy to provide soccer jerseys for cheap extra insurance against any sizing miscalculations you might inadvertently make.