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Cheap Michael Kors Wallet Sale UK

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Before you have a brand new Michael Kors shoulder bag rivet, cheap michael kors wallet uk you have not thought about it come from?

There is a large possibility that it produced in Guangzhou, China.

Boss designer Michael Kors sunglasses, clutch gently waist supermodel Miranda Kerr proudly to the camera to say "Oh, you see, we are both MK too!" Kerr blooming sweet round face The smile, the spotlight shines, life is really like wine.

In the new century, for nearly a decade, "Project Runway" michael kors wallet uk show and the popular jury affect the global wave of people's attention. From the United States to Tokyo, then to Shanghai, Michael Kors in the fashion and entertainment circles like a duck.

His brand creates a fantastic life, brand essence called the "Jet Set", it was in the late 1960s the United States fascinated, "winner of life" to wake up early in the morning in New York the night but enjoy the nightlife in Paris . They fashionable clothing beautiful, convenient and practical, wearing able to say go away, the next second you fly around the world ...... always shining, always sparkle, as if flowing skirts trimmed fascinated Phnom Penh.

Jet Set magic come from?

"Michael Kors Guoshi door may be the world's largest foundry. cheap michael kors uk Shi door factory in Guangzhou, the environment is very beautiful, decorated like a garden many years ago from South Korea began, they a foundry for Michael Kors." A Bit insider said.

World Gate, the English name Simone, a Korean company. Compared with Michael Kors, too low-key and mysterious, well-known only in the circle.

Reporters trying to access and sort the information in English World Gate Corporation.

World doors in 1987 in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province South Korea michael kors uk sale Midwest creation; started operations in China in 1992; in 2011, the World door factory in Guangzhou, China had worker protests that ended in 2012 with the World Burberry OEM Cooperation doors; 2012, the company in Seoul held a handbags and other leather goods exhibitions, marvel at the exquisite English reported on exhibition handbags, literally wrote, "Boys, do not take women friends to Seoul to see this show!. "

2013, The Korea Economic Daily reported that the door's chairman Shi Eun-kwan Park represents, ODM (OEM) can not ensure sustainable growth of the world the door, the company is looking to acquire brands abroad through its "World sector investment" . World report cited door is OEM or OEM brands including Michael Kors, DKNY and Marc Jacobs.

The informed sources, the Bank of Guangzhou opened the door select their first factory in China, and now in China there are two, another is located in Qingdao, Shandong. Partners include the global world of the door light popular luxury brands including Michael Kors, Coach, sometimes Burberry, Kate Spade, michael kors sale uk Tory Burch and other technology world in the leather door this line is superb.

World Gate and Michael Kors have become each other's most important partners. According to reports, the relationship between the two is so close, so that in about five years ago, Michael Kors for the first time the company will hire employees directly assigned to Guangzhou, Guangdong foundries time to take care of a number of related matters, four "Michael Kors person" on factory direct living door to work.